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Paraben-free Skin Care: What Every Woman Should Know

Using paraben-free skin care products eliminates a serious threat to a woman’s health. Women should know also about the importance of hypoallergenic skin care.  Let me help shed some important light on what every woman should know about skin care.


Your Health & Skin Care


Do you realize that your future health could depend on hypoallergenic skincare?  Dermatologists have said for years that the over 4,000 chemical agents used in the engineering of cosmetics fragrances are responsible for the majority of the allergic reaction cases that they see each year.


Why You Need Paraben Free Skin Care


People also have to realize the need for paraben-free skincare products.  Parabens, which are a group of chemical agents widely used as preservatives in cosmetics creams and lotions are the driving force behind the increase in a person’s chances of developing certain types of cancers.  That is something that you really need to think about.


Dangerous Chemicals Found in Many SkinCare Products


Hypoallegenic skin care is important because of additives such as toluene, a fragrance compound which comes from petroleum or coal tar.  Chronic exposure can lead to anemia, lowered blood cell count, liver or kidney damage, and it may negatively affect developing fetuses.  Toluene is also used in paint thinners and as an octane booster.


Cancer & Parabens


The need for paraben-free skincare should be all but too evident to women.  Scientific studies have directly linked parabens to breast cancer tumors.  Yet despite the warnings and red flags that have come from these kinds of studies the FDA continues to allow cosmetics companies to use parabens in the majority of their products.


The link has also been made to breast cancer through the absorption of Acrylamide, which can be found in many hand and face creams.  It is also listed as a neurotoxin, and it can cause damage to the male reproductive organs.  Hypoallergenic skincare is a must if you do not want to fall victim to some of these maladies.


<a target=”_new” rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/611852’);” href=””>Paraben-free skincare</a>  is also important due to the risk of estrogenic activity which it is believed drives the growth of tumors.  Why would anyone faced with all of this threatening evidence continue to use cosmetics that are comprised these harmful elements?  The answer is simply beyond me.


Paraben-Free Skin Care is a MUST


The need for hypoallegenic skincare products cannot be denied, but where do you find them?  They are mostly available from companies manufacturing outside of the United States.  They come from mid-sized companies that take pride in the fact that they only use the purest of ingredients in their products.


The best source for paraben-free skincare would be to seek out a company that has  taken an oath to not use any ingredients in their products that are even remotely suspected of harming a person’s health.  For more details see author box below.


It is witha compnay like this  that you will find the finest hypoallergenic skincare products being made.  The quality and safety of these products is unparalleled in the world of cosmetics.  I hope sincerely that everyone reading this understands the nature of the danger that they were putting themselves by using skincare products with parabens. My appeal is that you heed this message.  It could save your health and possibly your life. – Margaret Bell
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Disadvantages of Using Ant-aging Products

Daily life struggles and the stress we go through greatly affects our bodies and hastens our aging process. By the time we are 25 years of age our skins start losing its elasticity and as we grow older aging lines and wrinkles start to form. Luckily thanks to science you can now slow down this process and for those who already have wrinkles you can remove them by using anti-aging products.

Anti-aging creams are predominantly moisturizer  based  cosmetic skin care products that promise to make  the consumer look younger by reducing visible wrinkles, expression lines, blemishes, pigmentation changes, discolorations and other environmentally (especially from the sun) related conditions of the skin.

When you decide to use anti-aging products remember that just because a certain product works perfectly for a particular person, it does not mean that it can also work well for you. This is because we all have different skin types with different skin needs. These products have their side effects and you have to be careful when using them. A recent study discovered that the application of certain moisturizers increases the incidence of skin cancer. Some people are sensitive or allergic to certain chemical components, which can cause irritation, rashes, and other allergic reactions.

As with most skin-care products, there is a risk of moisturizers being contaminated with bacteria that can cause disease. Overuse of these products may cause excessive skin thickness. They are also expensive and will cost a great deal for continued use. In most cases there will be recurrence of wrinkles and expression lines after stopping use. Other side effects of anti-aging beauty products include facial bone growth, irregular heartbeat, pore clogging, joint pain, diabetes and prostrate cancer in men. The creams will work on the skin’s surface to make the skin look better, but it will not penetrate into any deep layer of the epidermis to repair the damage done by years of living.

Aiding your skin in maintaining its elasticity, and its youthful appearance, is every individual’s goal. Living a healthy life by eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep and rest, drinking a lot of water everyday, exercising , avoiding excess alcohol and smoking is a better option than any anti-aging product!
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Skin Benefits of Cucumber – Makes Your Skin Smooth

Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is a trace mineral that contributes to the strength of our connective tissue. Connective tissue is what holds our body together. Cucumbers are effective when used for various skin problems, including swelling under the eyes and sunburn. They also contain ascorbic and caffeic acids. These acids prevent water retention. That may explain why when cucumbers are applied topically they are often helpful for swollen eyes, burns, and dermatitis.

Cucumber is a vegetable that belongs to the same family as pumpkins, zucchinis and other squashes. It has a dark green skin, which reveals whitish or very light green flesh, when peeled. There are basically two types of cucumbers – the pickling varieties and the slicing varieties. Of these, the pickling variety is relatively small, around 2 – 4 inches long.

Today we see the cucumber as a provider of a very healthy juice beneficial for its places as an increaser of the flowing of weewee and as a complement to the outcomes of apium graveolens dulce and carrot juice for rheumatic statuses, while at the same clip being a soothing skin lotion.

As a beauty aid, the cucumber provides immediate relief to puffy eyes; a fresh cucumber can be cut into thin slices, and these placed on the eyes for 5-10 minutes. This works incredibly well after a tiring day at work in front of the computer, and helps to relieve stress and dark circles around the eye area as well. Grated cucumber can be used as a mask and tonic for the entire face and neck.

Cucumbers are scientifically known as Cucumis sativus, which belongs to the same family as pumpkin, zucchini, watermelon and squash.

Cucumber’s nutritional benefits include natural salts, enzymes, and vitamins essential for strong cell growth and repair. In addition, the high mineral content and minerals in cucumber peel offer a natural source for a fresh, powerful antioxidant. The alkalinity of cucumber is also a positive attribute, and because of its water base, the cucumber is also a top choice as a diuretic.

The high water content makes cucumbers a diuretic and it also has a cleansing action within the body by removing accumulated pockets of old waste material and chemical toxins. Cucumbers help eliminate uric acid which is beneficial for those who has arthritis and its fibre-rich skin and their high levels of potassium and manganese helps regulate blood pressure and help promote nutrient functions. The magnesium content in cucumbers also relaxes nerves and muscles and keeps blood circulating smoothly.

Cucumber is good for those who are dieting as it is very low in calories. It has a cleansing action within the body by removing accumulated pockets of old waste material and chemical toxins. It helps eliminate uric acid so it is good for those who has arthritis. Its juice is a nourishing vitamin for our hair and skin. It is also a good rejuvenator and makes us feel and look younger.

It is believed that cucumber helps in reducing swelling around the eyes or the big dark circles under your eyes. This is world-wide treatment which is being used to its maximum extent.
Source by Corwin Brown

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Metformin: An Anti-Aging Drug!

Metformin is an old drug that is currently applied in the aging world. The rationale behind the purpose and its relevance on the degeneration of cells would be dependent on how it will react to your skin.

First, we need define what Metformin is and what it is for. This drug is used for obese diabetics with Type II Diabetes Mellitus. It regulates the blood sugar levels by three mechanisms:

• First, it lessens the sugar level that your liver produces.
• Second, it reduces the amount of sugar that is absorbs in the stomach.
• Third, it perks up the effectiveness of insulin in the body by increasing the sensitivity of insulin receptors. This basically only receives the insulin hormone, especially in reducing the sugar that already in the blood.

This drug, when used alone, will not cause any fatal side effects that can be commonly seen in diabetics. An example would be Hypoglycaemia or having an excessively low sugar in the body due to a sudden surge of insulin hormones.

When it comes to the anti-aging part of this drug, it is said by many Gentologists that diabetes can trigger an accelerated or premature aging to those who has it. As we age, we have a tendency to become diabetic. Some people are even more diabetic than others.

Metformin’s benefits may also include lessening the risk of age-related diabetes, avoiding sugar cravings, and making your sugar level stable. It can also assist in normalizing blood pressure, stimulating the release of growth hormone and enhancing the immune system that fights infection. Aside from this, it also lowers blood cholesterol levels and helps prevent bad cholesterol (LDL or Low Density Lipoproteins) from sticking to blood products and arteries. This will then diminish the hazards of blood clotting.

Moreover, this drug can also act as an anti-oxidant, which fights off the oxygen free radicals. These substances, when accumulated, can cause aging. In this respect, it trims down the formation of AGE’s or Advanced Glycated End products. If this accumulates, it can bring the body into the degeneration process or aging.

These advanced Glycated end products tend to increase in diabetics than non-diabetics. AGE’s formation is reduced especially in collagen containing areas of the body like that of the skin. This means that it can prevent stiffness of the skin, thus preventing wrinkle formation and even improves cross-linking, which induces damage to the nerves.

The drug’s action is also more on implementing the carbonyl trapping ability. This means that the blood clot formation can be reduced. Thus, this can lessen the risk of thrombosis or blood clot that can get trapped in the vessels.

Metformin is a remarkable drug that can prevent the metabolic outline of aging and influence prolonging our life span. The only common side effects seen with this drug are stomach upsets and diarrhoea. This only occurs in about 10% of users. It is also recommended that patients should start taking it in low dosages. This would be using only half a tablet a day, for one week or two weeks.

Patients with kidney function problems should only take Metformin under the supervision and care of a doctor and should have their blood levels of lactic acid checked from time to time. This is because there is a theoretical risk of Lactic Acidosis, in which, patients will have high levels of lactic acid in the body.

Another problem is that Metformin have shown some ability to impair the absorption of Vitamin B12, which is also termed as Cyanocobalamin. Lacking Vitamin B12 can cause Pernicious Anaemia or Megaloblastic Anaemia, with or without peripheral neuropathy. You may also feel some tingling sensation on your extremities. These two are types of Anaemia that can bring a kind of fatigability or weakness to the patient.

Some reminders for the use of this drug:

• The use of this product should be under the care and guidance of a registered physician.
• Children and lactating women or women who gives breast feeding must not use this.
• Women who believe they are pregnant; who wants to be pregnant and currently pregnant should not use them.
• An individual who is, at present, taking another drug should seek their doctor’s advice regarding the utilization of Metformin, along with their current medication.
• Any person who is already suffering from any serious medical disorder like epilepsy, heart conditions, blood problems, kidney diseases, liver problems must seek the aid of their doctor or, better still, should refrain from using such drug, if not indicated or prescribed by his or her physician.
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Best Organic Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Hyper-sensitivity is on the increase with people becoming sensitive to many skincare ingredients, from fragrances to preservatives. Choosing organic skin care that suits your sensitive skin can often be a matter of trial and error. To help you avoid the not-so-great, choose from our list of the best tried and tested organic skin care options for skin that needs a little TLC.

Best Face Wash

Stem Organics Gentle Cleansing Milk – a crossed between a lotion and a creamy wash this cleanser can be used with water to give a fresh clean feeling without stripping the skin of natural oils and living skin taut.  With a base that includes organic jojoba oil this organic face wash ensures that the skin is gently cleaned without harsh detergents.

Best Cleansing Cream

MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser – formulated with hypersensitivity in mind, this rose scented cleanser is a thick creamy cleanser ideal for very sensitive skin. Removed with a warm compress this cleanser leaves skin clean and clear without irritation.

Best Toner

MV Rose Hydrating Mist – another product from the MV Organic Skincare range that is perfect for sensitive skin. A fine mist of pure floral water with the delicate scent of rose petals, its hydrating, anti-inflammatory and natural astringent properties make it ideal for frequent use and sensitive skin

Best Moisturiser for Sensitive

Jurlique Viola Cream – contains the living energy of viola, to calm delicate skin leaving it restored and supple. This is so gentle it may help calm eczema and contact dermatitis

Best Night Oil

Saaf Ultimate Moisture Facial Serum – a lovely rosehip oil base with cold pressed safflower oil to help soothe skin irritation. This gentle oil is lightly fragranced with calming, skin balancing Ylang-ylang and Geranium.

Best Night Cream

Absolution Night Cream – containing Magnesium, a natural stress reliever this organic night cream packs a punch. Not only is it suitable for calming stressed skin but also contains the antioxidant power of pomegranate and Omega 3.

Best Eye Cream

Pai Echium Eye Cream – containing both Stearidonic Acid and GLA which exist together in only a few plants, Echium being one of the richest known sources. This organic eye cream is made without alcohol (which may dry the skin) or chemical preservatives such as Methylparaben (shown to cause premature ageing when exposed to sunlight), the anti-ageing properties of the active ingredients are even more effective.

These are just a few products we have tried and tested on our own sensitive skin. See if they suit you – patch testing on the inside of your arm is a good way to check. Any redness or irritation after a few minutes make sure you leave it on the shelf!
Source by M Hailes

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Anti Aging Treatment

Anti aging treatment procedures assist in preserving your youthful appearance for a long time. It is not possible to halt the process of ageing, but you can enhance your appearance and augment your self confidence with the help of such treatments.

Preserve Your Youthful Appearance through Proper Planning

A vigorous lifestyle, appropriate anti aging workouts, anti aging supplements, nutritious diet habits, and effective management of stress can slow down the aging process up to certain extent. Through these methods the body will be able to become more resistant to diseases and maintain a steady cell metabolism.

The process of aging can be delayed by making use of cosmetic treatments which include surgical and non-surgical treatments such as chemical peels, laser skin treatments, collagen injections, Botox treatments and microdermabrasion. These anti aging treatment methods help to diminish the lines, wrinkles, scars, freckles and age spots and thereby help preserve your young and dynamic appearance.

Enhance Your Appearance through Medications and Therapies

Anti aging medications such as Deanol, Levodopa, Phenformin, Procaine and Phenytoin are usually recommended by the doctors. Hormonal changes in your body rapidly affect the aging process. Therefore it is necessary to undertake hormonal therapies for slowing down the aging process. The important anti aging hormone treatment using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps to reinforce body resistance and increases the muscles in your body. Another procedure Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT) is usually recommended for preventing aging conditions in postmenopausal women. This therapy keeps the bones strong and also reduces the risk of heart attacks.

A nutritional diet with lesser calories can significantly delay the aging process. Consuming nutritional supplements including multivitamins and minerals are also recommended by the doctors. Regular intake of anti-oxidants including vitamin A, C and E would be ideal.

The major advantage of using these procedures is that they help you maintain mental and physical health. They also help to enhance your complexion.

When cosmetic treatment measures are taken to prevent aging, it is necessary to repeat the treatment each year for obtaining superior results. If you wish to undertake anti aging treatment, it is always advisable to consult an experienced plastic surgeon.
Source by Dr. Christopher T. Chia

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A Natural Skin Care Thanaka (thanakha), Traditional Make Up and Eco Friendly Solution of Chemicals

In modern day Myanmar, people still use the traditional cosmetic known as Thanaka, as a daily cosmetic and skin conditioner. Thanaka is made from the branches of the sandalwood tree, (linoria acidissimia) When ground, the bark of the Thanaka tree, it is claimed, acts as an astringent, sunscreen and antiseptic.

Thanaka: The Burmese Beauty Secret.

In Myanmar, Carla Sommers discovers the beauty secrets of the Burmese and finds that beauty is not only skin deep at times, but that one prized beauty product comes not from the factory, but the forest….

Every culture and society had its own notions of beauty. From the pale faces of the Japanese geishas to the tattooed features of the Maoris. To enhance our perception of beauty there are many herbal and man-made preparations that, over the centuries have become de rigeur, from Egyptian kohl eyeliner, to scented hair oils and nowadays, makeup.

I n modern day Myanmar, people still use the traditional cosmetic known as Thanaka, as a daily cosmetic and skin conditioner. Thanaka is made from the branches of the sandalwood tree, (linoria acidissimia) When ground, the bark of the Thanaka tree, it is claimed, acts as an astringent, sunscreen and antiseptic.

It is a common sight on the streets of most towns and cities to see people with swipes of powdery yellow paint on their cheeks, noses or arms. The yellow comes from the juice of the ground bark. There is nothing so unusual about using bark preparations for beauty purposes in Myanmar – hair is made extra glossy by boiling an extract from the tayaw shrub and even elephants get a body scrub with sticks of the aptly-named Soap tree!

In 1904, a French traveller to Rangoon (nowadays called Yangon) described how

“All about (the) small buildings and on the steps of the intensely decorated pavilions…are… sellers of …aromatic barks”.

It is applied in strict routine; first to the ears, then to the throat, the face, and lastly the rest of the body.

Women sometimes mix it with cream, then take a coarse toothbrush and stroke lines through it, while young men may dab it on a blemish, here and there, sometimes giving the impression of a yellow Dalmatian!

The pale dusty powder can range from palest primrose to deep ochre. Children and babies seem to be daubed in it, sometimes with circles painted on their cheeks and stripes along their noses! Even in the cinema posters the local movie stars are portrayed wearing their beloved Thanaka!

Women may use a leaf template to make an elegant stencil on their cheeks, or some carefully paint a square, however most folk just smear it over their faces or bodies, and at night they appear quite ghostly, especially if their lips are painted with lipstick.

Thanaka is a prized wood, in 1958 The Forest Act (a product of the former British colonial government) added Thanaka trees to its list of protected trees such as teak, stating:

“no person shall collect or remove for trade purposes…Thanaka wood and bark”.

The cosmetic appears in many forms; in its raw – and highly prized – state it will be sold in markets in small 10- 18cm long branches and logs. These are ground vertically, round and round, on a special flat circular whetstone with a few drops of water, producing a milky yellow liquid that is then immediately applied to the skin. While wet it is virtually translucent but in an hour, it dries to a rich yellow crust.

Dried tablets of Thanaka in varying sizes are also available from street peddlers, who also sell it in the pre-fabricated form of a strongly fragrant soft paste, like a putty, though many point out that this is the ‘poor man’s’ Thanaka. The most prized Thanaka comes from the region around Mandalay, some say towns like Saigaing on the banks of the Irrawaddy, produces the best logs, others claim Shwepo Thanaka is the best.

Whichever Thanaka you choose, the liquid works fast at tightening the skin and covering blemishes. In hot, arid climates like that of Pagan, dry European skins may find it too astringent, but as an impromptu herbal sun screen it is invaluable.

Even if you do not buy a stick to take home, the sight and smells of the unique yellow-painted faces of the Burmese people are an unforgettable part of the memories of Myanmar, as are the smiles of this great nation of gentlefolk.

Sindhiya Enterprise Bangladesh is the main source of supply of natural products.
Source by Sarmad Mansoor

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Free Trial of the Anti Aging Cream Recommended by Dr. Oz

Dermology uses a three-part skincare system that systematically attacks problem areas where signs of aging most often develop to form a complete anti-aging system that keeps your skin looking great.

Anti-Aging Cream 

The Dermology Anti-Aging Cream is a complete facial moisturizer that delivers powerful anti-oxidants and other natural ingredients to help keep skin fresh and supple while protecting it against elements that can damage skin, causing the marks of aging.

Anti-Aging Serum 

Working in congress with the Anti-Aging Cream, Dermlogy‘s Anti-Aging Serum delivers its blend of anti-oxidants deep into the underlying skin tissue to fight the visible signs of aging before they result in the unsightly lines and wrinkles of aging.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream 

The eyes often show signs of aging first with dark circles and crow’s feet the most common signs of aging around the eyes. Dermology‘s Anti-Aging Eye Cream is formulated with anti-oxidants specifically chosen for their ability to treat the sensitive area around the eyes.

Each formula in Dermology‘s three-part system is fortified with Resveratrol, the most powerful skincare anti-oxidant available today. The result is a complete anti-aging system that:

  • Helps Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Helps Revitalize Your Skin and Reduce Signs of Aging
  • Helps Smooth Rough Skin Texture
  • Helps Diminish Darkening Under the Eyes
  • Stimulates the Renewal of Skin Cells
  • Promotes a Healthy and Even Skin Tone
  • Provides Powerful Anti-Oxidant Support for Skin 

For a limited time, you can get your first month’s supply of Dermology‘s Complete Anti-Aging System Absolutely Free! Just pay for Shipping and Handling.

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 Application of Dermology:

Dermology Resveratrol Anti-Aging is a cream based compound. One can apply it twice daily. The soothing effect of this cream makes you feel mesmerized about the cream. One can notice the glow it adds to the skin at once after the application. But wait for the actual magic make take a time of one to three weeks to begin. It acts a great agent to lighten the dark circles as well. A prolonged usage of this product would ensure an ever youth skin without any trace of aging.

Have you started to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Worried about the effects aging will have on your complexion. For a limited time, you can try Dermology Complete Anti-Aging System absolutely free. Order today, and get your first bottle of this revolutionary skincare formula at no charge – just pay for shipping. Stop putting up with the damaging effects aging can have on your skin. Now you can fight back with the most complete anti-aging skincare treatment available!

The only thing you have to lose is a few wrinkles, make sure you get your Free Trial of Dermology today.
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Key Demographics Revealed In Skin Cream Market

A recent poll of leading wrinkle cream manufacturers as well as wrinkle cream users has revealed something interesting about those who use these types of products.  The use of wrinkle creams is much more concentrated across southern states as opposed to a concentration of near urban areas up north.  While the location of wrinkle cream users has little to do with the product’s effectiveness, it is interesting to examine how use is much more widespread down south and is concentrated in more highly populated areas around the country.

The first explanation that comes to mind is of course the southern bell aspect of the demographic.  Many women are focused a bit more on looking their best, even from a young age down south, so it leads one to believe that that would carry on throughout their life, even as they age.  From pearl necklaces to ribbons in their hair these women are always looking as beautiful and as classy as they can, and maintaining your youthful looking skin is a big part of that.  As a result these women turn to the best wrinkle creams to smooth their skin, remove their sun spots and tone and firm any loose skin they have.  These women are not always located in urban, or semi urban areas, in fact many users of wrinkle creams are from rural parts of the south, which is not the case of the users of these products up north.

The demographic areas in which wrinkle cream users up north use these products is generally concentrated around urban or city areas.  That is not to say that people in the suburbs do not use these products, they most certainly do and in high quantities.  However, the amount of wrinkle cream users in rural Maine, for example, does not come close to comparing with the amount of users in rural Texas.  It seems that the closer people live to densely populated areas, the more they focus on their appearance, at least when it comes to users up north.

What is not explained by these explanations is the fact that on the whole, men are now accounting for almost 50% of the wrinkle cream consumption in this country.  While stereotypically, you may not think that the “southern man” is a big user of wrinkle creams, in fact he is.  The use of wrinkle creams by men is concentrated a bit more in urban areas both up north as well as down south, however there is a very minute gap between the amount of male wrinkle cream users up north vs. the amount of wrinkle cream users from the south.  It seems no matter where these men are from, they are growing more and more interested in looking their best.

While men and women seem to have different behavior when it comes to wrinkle cream use in the certain areas of the country, one thing is for sure.  Every day more consumers are turning to wrinkle creams to keep their skin looking its best, or to healing existing damage.  And while popularity seems to be at an all time high, there is little indication that this will slow day any time soon.  Whether you are a southern bell, a southern man or a man or women from the north, chances are you are using wrinkle creams or have used them before.  And while the highest concentration of users may come from the south, the north is catching up very quickly.  It will be interesting to see how this gap narrows as the following years come to fruition.  But for now, if you are not using a wrinkle cream, you are missing your chance to look your absolute best, and potentially years younger than you do today.
Source by Sabrina James

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Top 5 Antiaging Systems Explained

The value of antiaging systems has never been more important. For generations this trend has been consistently reinforced: every generation seems to be living longer than the preceding one. Until now. The first decade of the new millennium presents irrefutable evidence that for the first time in more than 100 years, the lifespan is decreasing. This is a direct result of a high-stress, fast-food fueled, sedentary lifestyle.

Type II Diabetes is typically triggered by obesity and reflects a system that is unable to maintain adequate fuel levels and extract vital nutrients from dietary sources. Obesity is also a threat to general well-being:

It contributes to the development of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), heart disease and high cholesterol.
Additional weight increases the stress on the body and impairs the body’s ability to respond to environmental stress factors.

It dilutes self esteem and can trigger depression.

Let’s take a look at five proven anti-aging strategies and why they work.

Healthy diet and exercise: Consuming nutritious, whole foods from organic sources provides your body with the fuel it needs to function at peak efficiency. Exercise moves the nutrients consumed into the muscle and bone tissue and supports cardiovascular health. Good muscle tone and physical fitness mirrors the qualities of a youthful body and improves the chances for a better quality of life well into senior years.

Supplementation and medication: As we age our bodies are less efficient at extracting vital nutrients from the foods we eat. Therefore, it requires regular supplementation of quality vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, our society increasingly suffers from arthritis and other auto-immune disorders which place stress on the whole system. By managing pain and other inflammatory responses with appropriate medications, herbal teas and topical agents we are able to maintain an active lifestyle and with it a more youthful countenance.

Reduce stress: The body’s stress management system is founded on a survival technique: fight or flee. In today’s hectic lifestyle we operate at a demanding pace, balancing multiple priorities and managing difficult personalities. The pressure of getting everything done and keeping everyone happy in a 24-hour period imposes constant stress upon the body’s survival mechanism. This contributes to high blood pressure, digestive issues and fatigue.

Learn effective time management techniques and employ them in every aspect of your life.

Delegate! No one person can do it all, so empower those around you to take more responsibility and contribute to the well-being of the team.

Just Say No. We all have limitations and it’s important to know yours and work within them.

Drink plenty of water and reduce consumption of caffeine and alcohol. The human body requires ample hydration to maintain optimal organ function. By consuming sufficient amounts of still water (64 oz. is a good rule of thumb) organs are able to cleanse toxins from the system and skin remains plump and glowing. In contrast, alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating and place additional stress on the system. The “morning after” lines and wrinkles that may show up in the mirror are an example of how dehydration ages appearance.

Get a pet: Animals are great for lifting our spirits and taking us outside ourselves. Dogs, in particular, get us outside and moving by playing ball, chasing a tail or just going for a walk. They are great companions who ask for little and give back a lot. Pets are excellent at helping us to alleviate stress and making us feel loved, and pet owners are known to live longer, healthier lives.

Antiaging systems do not need to be used exclusively. Try one or try them all. No matter how small your first step, take it and try it out for at least a month. Remember: it takes 21-times of repetition to form a new habit. In three weeks you could find yourself on the way to a more youthful you.
Source by Ray A. Rubio